Word of God the cornerstone

Reader Input
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There are no contradictions regarding gay marriage, as Mr. (Jim) Beall, Sr. (Reader Input, March 13) so aptly puts it in stating what makes this country great is the First Amendment, the right to one’s opinion, that gay marriage is wrong (as) defined by the Bible which is the word of God and simply and definitively states that marriage is between a man and a woman, it did not say a man and a man. If it is written in Mr. Beall’s Bible then it is a version that I have not seen. If you take the incident that just occurred with the military massacre by the one individual, what other people see is a country that committed the atrocity, not an individual. Therefore, without trying to burst Mr. Beall’s bubble, morality is a factor whether or not he wishes to acknowledge this. The word of God is the cornerstone of morality and a foundation upon which laws and rights are built. To quote a great verse which is in the Bible, “A house built upon the sand will not stand.” Our Constitution was built upon Godly principles which is a rock and a strong foundation. Mr. Beall, do yourself a favor and obtain a real Bible to study. You will be amazed at what you discover. Donald Adams, Auburn