Word of ripoffs will get around

Reader Input
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Recently I took my car, as usual, for an oil change. I was advised that one of the valve gaskets was leaking and needed replacement, to the tune of $400. Two things made me skeptical: My late husband was an auto mechanic so I know a bit about cars, and my car has only 35,000 original miles on it. I called a retired auto mechanic friend of mine for a referral, made an appointment with (another Auburn business) and learned that he could find nothing wrong. For a nominal fee I got a diagnosis and he got a new and loyal customer. I don’t know if they tried to take advantage of me because of my gender, but try to take advantage they did. My husband owned his own shop for over 20 years and prided himself on both his skill and trustworthiness, and his customers attested to these qualities. This letter speaks to the entire business community: Honesty, good service and respecting your customer will stand you in good stead. Auburn is a small town and word-of-mouth is everything. I hate to promote a stereotype, but this woman talks. Rosalie Wohlfromm, Auburn