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Protesters line Douglas Boulevard

Protesters have been lining up in front of 2200 Douglas Blvd. at noon every Tuesday in front of Rep. Tom McClintock’s office since the 2016 presidential election. The protes ...

Middle-schoolers encouraged to stay away from drugs

In an effort to keep youth off the streets and away from drugs, the Placer County Sheriff’s Department takes a hands-on approach. The Placer County Sheriff’s Office br ...

Many counter protesters defend Rocklin school

Coming from Kansas, the Westboro Baptist Church made their way to Rocklin on May 9 to protest an area school. Rocklin Academy Gateway, an elementary school, came under fire last y ...

The 10th BerryFest is this weekend

Celebrating 10 years, Berryfest will showcase strawberries during Mother’s Day weekend. The event will feature tons of strawberry-flavored treats, shopping, cooking demonstr ...

How Roseville plans for emergencies

The city of Roseville hosted one of its two yearly emergency operation center exercises last Friday. All city departments get together to test staff’s ability to respond in ...

Roller King offers fun for the family

Roller King Skating and Blading is trying to revitalize the skating days of the 1970s’ roller disco. The family-owned skate venue has been open since 1976 and the love of sk ...